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About Gean

Philippines Based Web Designer focusing on Webflow and Creating Mockups. I've always been passionate on creating and enhancing website mockups and develop it using Webflow.

Wayback 2009 I created my first website manually with a little knowledge of HTML, CSS & Javascript using notepad++ during my high school days in Ateneo De Naga.

Now I have proficiency on Webflow. All my projects are made in Webflow. I use Photoshop for mockup designing.

For more than two years of working as a web designer, I realize the significance of being passionate to your craft.

Being passionate to my chosen field not just focus on loving my job but to embrace the difficulties, demands, pressure and other circumstances that helped me to develop my character.

In web designing, I think that the most essential to produce a quality work is to consider the audience.

On my chosen field, I believe that being creative and hard work is some of the ingredient to be successful.

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