July 30, 2020

How To Remove "Made in Webflow" Badge

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Gean Libiran

Webflow is a great no code platform for website builder. You can try their free account continuously without trial period. Once you are ready you can upgrade to their other plans with affordable prices.

Lite plan is next to starter plan which allows you to export your code for use in other environments or build prototypes, also you can create up to 10 projects with up to 100 pages each project in Lite plan. It's great right?

But there is one thing you will notice by default, a Webflow project will have Webflow branding such as the "Made in Webflow" badge show on your published projects.

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You can turn this off in project settings, but your plan must be in Pro plan or Team plan, you can't turn this off in starter and lite plan.

Sometimes it's annoying specially when it blocks some of your design or elements.

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But if you are subscribing in Lite plan there is another way to turn off the badge. Just go to project settings then select custom code tab.

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You can add custom code or style to the footer code. Just add this style and you can now turn off the "Made in Webflow" Badge without upgrading to Pro or Team plan. You can try to copy and paste the style to footer code so you can also try if it's working.


.w-webflow-badge {
position: fixed !important;    
display: None !important;    
visibility: hidden !important;}  


NOTE: You can't add custom code to start plan (FREE Account).

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